Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

To apply for our wait list, please stop by the office, located at 400 Holland Ave, Braddock, PA 15104 to pick up an application. Applications can also be emailed to you. Please call our office at (412) 271-1300.  The application must be filled out completely before it will be added to the waitlist.  The applications can be emailed or mailed back. You can also physically drop the application off at our office.

Do you do credit and criminal background checks? How far back do you go?

We process standard credit, criminal and rental history background checks. Specific screening criteria can be provided by our leasing office.

What is tax credit or work force housing?

The Low Income Tax Credit Program is an income and rent restrictive program for households with moderate income. Rents are based on a percentage of HUD’s current fair market rents, which makes rents more affordable.

How long is your wait list?

Please call our office to find out more.

When and how will I hear back from you?

If you have completed a pre-application to be added to our wait list, then we will mail you a confirmation letter. We usually get back to an email or phone inquiry the same or next business day. We mail out a wail list confirmation letter right after we receive a wait list application.

What documentation do I need and why?

We will provide you with a list of everything that is needed at the application interview in an email or written letter.

What if I move while on the waitlist?

Please contact The Overlook Office with any changes. Applicants are responsible to notify the leasing office with any change of information.

Are you Pet Friendly? If so, is there any charge for a pet?

Yes, we are! Pets are a $250 refundable deposit and no monthly charge.

Do you accept Section 8 vouchers?

Yes, we do.

Are grills permitted?

No, they are not.